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Provided from a place of empathy and advocacy.

We help clients get the best possible outcome in a divorce, custody, or guardianship.

There are many paths to get to your goal, and we can guide you through all of them. We can provide advice while you take the driver’s seat, mediate challenges that get in the way of a solution, or represent you in either a Collaborative process or in Court.

Our clients receive legal advice about divorce, custody, and guardianship. Sometimes clients are getting ready to pursue a divorce, have questions about an out-of-court custody arrangement, or file the paperwork on their own, and they hire us to answer their questions along the way. We frequently advise a person who is engaging in mediation with a mediator. 

If your case is already in court, or you know mediation is not right for you, then you need a litigator who can advocate for you in the courtroom. It’s important to hire an attorney right from the start, to make sure that you’re setting your case up for success. 

If you’re not sure mediation is a good fit and you want to avoid litigation, consider Collaborative Law. Collaborative Law combines the communal problem-solving of mediation with the advocacy of litigation, without the possible nastiness of litigation. Everyone has a lawyer by their sides and a third party, a neutral mediator, guides the discussion through the conflicts and towards resolution. 

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A mediator is a neutral third party that helps people resolve their conflicts. If people can resolve their conflict before they get to court, they are more likely to have an outcome that meets their goals, than if they leave it to the courts to decide. As a family lawyer, Attorney Neale offers a current view of how courts handle certain common issues and drafts Separation Agreements if the parties choose. We offer flat rate fees for mediation and free consultations so that both parties can understand if this is the right process for their situation. 

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Working with us typically begins with a consultation. All consultations are meetings with our attorneys, to answer your questions. You will leave your consultation knowing your options and how to move forward.

Booking your consultation is easy. Finding a time and payment are all done online. During the COVID pandemic, your consultation will be via Zoom.

If the online booking system is not working for you, please call or email and we can set something up.