Mediation Services

A Neutral Third Party.

Helping People Work Through Tough Topics

Mediators help people work out solutions to the challenges that they’re facing together. They provide a roadmap, feedback, and clarification. They do not judge or provide legal advice, but they can be a valuable resource of legal information. 

A Good Choice for Parents

Many couples and co-parents use mediation as an amicable way to finalize a divorce or a modification of custody or child support. Parents who mediate custody issues are likely to find that they are better able to communicate in the future because they have been able to work through tough issues with a mediator’s assistance. They did it once, so they are more likely to succeed again. 

Mediation is Completely Voluntary

All parties have to come to a mediation with a willingness to try to work out an amicable solution. It’s important that both parties feel like they can trust the mediator to be neutral and helpful. That’s why we offer free 30-minute consultations for anyone considering mediation. Please schedule a time that is convenient for both parties.

Bedford Family Lawyer provides mediation in 2-hour sessions, currently via Zoom. Rebecca will provide an agenda and the parties will prioritize the issues they would like to discuss. There is time for a break, to avoid Zoom fatigue! 

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After booking, we will send you a Fee Agreement to sign and return. Payment must be received 24 hours in advance in order to secure your appointment.


Although we cannot provide legal advice to mediation clients, Bedford Family Lawyer can draft many of the legal documents necessary to accomplish our clients’ goals. When clients are negotiating a divorce, the mediator can draft a Separation Agreement and provide guidance in filing a Joint Petition for Divorce. Where clients are negotiating a modification, the mediator can draft an Agreement for Modification and provide guidance in filing a Joint Petition for Modification. 

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