Domestic Relations Legal Services

Empathy and Advocacy.

We help clients get the best possible outcome in a divorce, custody, or guardianship.

Facing a divorce or custody issue can be one of the most challenging times in someone’s life. People need someone they can trust, who knows how to help them get through the process with the right result. The team at Bedford Family Lawyer recognizes that the “right” result is different for everyone. That’s why we offer a range of services to help get clients to their goals.


Whether you’re fighting like cats and dogs, ready to finalize an agreement, or somewhere inbetween, Bedford Family Lawyer can help. We offer a wide range of legal advice and representation, as well as mediation.

We help clients with financial statements, separation agreements, parenting plans, child support calculations, alimony, motions for temporary orders, forensic accounting, business valuations, real estate appraisals, division of retirement accounts, and everything else involved in separating the financial lives of couples.

Custody and Child Support

For parents, few things can be more stressful than wondering whether your children will be well cared for. As parents, everyone at Bedford Family Lawyer can understand these concerns and we work hard to get clients the parenting plan that works for their family, and the best interests of their children.

We strive to craft parenting plans that are as specific as your needs and based in the practical day-to-day of your family’s schedules.

We know the in’s and out’s of the Massachusetts Child Support Guidelines, updated in October 2021. The four-page worksheet can be daunting, but knowing how it all works is important to getting the right child support calculation.


Even marriages that are less than 5 years old can result in an order of alimony. Longer-term marriages with no children or adult children are likely to have an award of general term alimony.

Massachusetts alimony law has not aged well. It is in need of a legislative update, which means that legal advice tailored to your specific situation is critical.

Whether you have questions about general term alimony, rehabilitative alimony, or retroactive alimony, Bedford Family Lawyer can apply the most recent caselaw and practice to advise you on possible outcomes and help you achieve your goals.


If you already have a judgment in place, and there has been a change in circumstances, schedule a consultation to discuss whether a modification is right for your situation. It could be something as small as a recalculation of child support due to the Child Support Guidelines changing, or something as big as moving children to a different state. Let’s talk about your options.

If you’ve been served with a Complaint for Modification, time is of the essence. It’s important to respond. If there is a motion scheduled, please don’t delay in setting up a consultation with us. Please also note the date of the motion hearing in the “comments” when you set up your consultation, so we can check our calendar.

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We offer comprehensive consultations for up to two hours, for a $400 flat rate. Booking, payment, and the consultation itself are all online.

Your experience does not have to be a War of the Roses. Learn more about how we work – inside and outside the courtroom.