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Boutique Family Law Firm

Located in Bedford, Massachusetts, Bedford Family Lawyer has a range of legal services in domestic relations, divorce, custody, and modificationsestate planning, and probate.

The firm has a team of professionals who work together to meet each client’s goals. All representations begin with an evaluation of what process or estate plan would be the best match. Bedford Family Lawyer offers MediationCollaborative Law, and Litigation Services.

Rebecca helped me through the divorce process in a professional yet empathetic manner . . . I felt like she was the person I could rely on and trust during one of the hardest things I have ever done.

Legal Services for Massachusetts Families

We primarily serve Middlesex, Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk, and Worcester counties, but have remote capabilities to serve clients across the Commonwealth.

What We Do


Whether you agree on everything, nothing, or you’re somewhere in between, we can help. We offer a wide range of legal advice, representation, and mediation.

Wills & Trusts

From a “simple will” to a complex trust, Bedford Family Lawyer will work with you to understand your needs and set up an estate plan that meets those needs.


When a loved one has died, the last thing people want to do is figure out how to navigate the probate process. We are here to help you through an already difficult time.


We work hard to get clients the parenting plan that works for their family and their children. We understand the challenges of co-parenting and the in’s and out’s of the Child Support Guidelines.
Massachusetts Estate Taxes


If you’re having trouble resolving a dispute, mediation can help clear away the stumbling blocks and help people create their own solutions. We offer a free consultation to answer your questions.


If you’re wondering whether a guardianship is appropriate for your adult child or parent, we are happy to discuss your options with you.

Next Steps

Working with us typically begins with a consultation. All consultations are meetings with an attorney, to answer your questions. You will leave your consultation knowing your options and how to move forward.

Booking your consultation is easy. Finding a time and payment are all done online. During the COVID pandemic, your consultation will be via Zoom.

If the online booking system is not working for you, please call or email and we can set something up.